Top 100 Art Galleries in the World:
Your Go-To Places for Artistic Inspiration and Sales

When we speak of art galleries, undoubtedly our mind immediately summons the image of world-renowned museums. Like The Louvre, that historic Parisian monument on the Right Bank of the Seine that is most famously represented by its majestic glass pyramid (and the Mona Lisa painting that draws millions to gaze upon it in worship). Or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York - familiar to everyone as “the Met”. Or Tate Modern in London, where the curators sometimes acquire some of the most unique artwork that requires serious and lengthy contemplation.

However, there are many more smaller (relative to the centuries-old museums) art galleries across the world that are less widely known, but house fantastic collections of art that excite and inspire. Here, we have compiled a list of art galleries that would give you a most unique snapshot of the contemporary art scene internationally - scroll down, and be amazed.

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Gagosian Gallery
Location: Worldwide
With 15 exhibition spaces spread across top metropolitan cities, Gagosian Gallery is truly a first-rate art gallery. Not only are collections of prominent artists like Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami shown here, there are also exhibitions featuring the works of historic legends Claude Monet and Andy Warhol. The list for any art lovers cannot possibly be complete without a visit to this gallery.
Hauser & Wirth
Location: London, New York, Zurich
The biggest draw of Hauser & Wirth is probably not the art collections themselves, but the shows and performances put up by the gallery that turn the space into something even more exciting than great art and fantastic parties combined. This gallery’s shows are simply not to be missed.
Lazarides Gallery
Location: London
Twenty years ago, street art might not have been held in high regard - or even considered as art at all by most traditionalists - but it is clearly now the “in” thing, and Lazarides is at the forefront, representing big names like Banksy, whose fame and unique art have local and foreign visitors alike going around the streets of Bristol with a map in hand on Banksy art hunts.
Angel Art Gallery
Location: Taipei
Angel Art is, like its name, an angel born of its founder’s hope to bring love and hope to the people of Taiwan after an earthquake in 1999 that brought death and destruction, and blinded most people to the beauty that exists around us. This gallery not only features some of the most beautiful art collections, but also allows artists and adventurous non-artists to create their own art there in a community of art lovers.
Gana Art Center
Location: Seoul, New York
Located in Pyeongchang where art galleries are abound and in close distance, and art lovers can go from one to another and be dazzled by the variety of art showcased, Gana Art stands out as the largest exhibition space in the country and with its diverse range of high-quality art. This gallery aims to celebrate and share Korean art with the world. 
White Cube
Location: London
This minimalist gallery is designed to allow the art collections and installation art it features stand out against a completely white background. Not only is White Cube one of the first galleries to provide a starting platform for Brit artists - the most well-known of them Damien Hirst - to showcase their works, it also houses the art for big names across all media.
David Zwirner Gallery
Location: London, New York
Owned by one of the most powerful American art dealers David Zwirner, this gallery benefits from Zwirner’s immaculate sense of artistic taste. Zwirner represents over 40 artists and estates, and with its exclusive representation of Judd Foudation, has some minimalist art that cannot be seen anywhere else. 
Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery
Location: Hong Kong, New York, Paris
Over two decades ago, 21-year-old Emmanuel Perrotin entered the art dealing scene and met artists like Takashi Murakami, whom he represented and helped bring into the international spotlight, and in turn became the big-name artists of today that has made him and his gallery a familiar name in the art scene worldwide. The gallery continues to be the starting point for new talents to launch their career. 
Pace Gallery
Location: Beijing, California, London, New York
A steadfast presence at art fairs with perhaps the most-sought after catalogs, Pace is a name recognized by everyone in the world of art. Pace represents a number of legendary 20th and 21st-century artists specializing in various styles, including Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Maya Lin.
Location: New York
The SculptureCentre space, transformed from a former trolley repair shop by the well-known Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya Lin, is in itself a breathtaking work of art. The experimental works housed here challenge our very notion of sculpture, and draw us into a world of 3D art inspiration.  
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Location: New York
New York is certainly not short of art galleries, but Jonathan LeVine’s experimental approach that brings its arts beyond its gallery walls to the streets is unique enough to put it within the top 20 of our list. This gallery celebrates the underground art culture and exhibits controversial street art and graffiti.  
Location: Seoul
An avant-garde space decorated much like how we would imagine new modern art galleries, Gallery FACTORY in Seoul is one of the biggest names in the city’s art scene. While it does not feature any big international names, this gallery made it this high up on our list for the journey it provides to discover fresh upcoming Korean-based artists that look set to stun the world.
V1 Gallery
Location: Copenhagen
V1 showcases innovative works of visual art, installations and sculpture by both upcoming and established artists in the hip Meatpacking District that emulates that of the same name in New York. This gallery represents a selection of artists across all media that it is dedicated to bring to global fame and recognition. 
Location: New York
Representing a number of young talents with experimental attitudes towards making art, Team’s exhibits include some of the most controversial artworks that inspire thought and creativity. Many that joined this gallery as up-and-coming artists quickly made their name in the cutting-edge contemporary culture. 
Paula Cooper Gallery
Location: New York
The eponymous gallery of Paula Cooper has a history as rich as that of the art world in New York. Established in the 1970s, the standard of art at this gallery is on par with those of global empires Gagosian and Pace, having built the careers of artists like Donald Judd, Sophie Calle and Carl Andre.  
Gallery 69
Location: New York
The art featured at this gallery in Tribeca, New York is not really as suggestive as the gallery name, but we assure you it is no less interesting. While it has only opened its doors five years ago, this gallery is run by the Cornell Family that has run a number of art galleries throughout the city. Gallery 69 not also has some of the coolest local graffiti art, it also features various 20th century American and European art in the styles of antique to abstract, realism and graffiti.
Fish Art Centre
Location: Taipei
Unlike many art galleries around the country that represents a number of big names locally and internationally, Fish Art chooses a select few Taiwanese artists it aims to push into the international art scene. Its exhibits feature only up-and-coming artists with the greatest potential, among which is Huang Mingchun, known for his self-developed primary color palette of red, yellow and green.
Taka Ishii Gallery
Location: New York, Paris, Tokyo
Taka Ishii, as a photography-centric art gallery, is a familiar name at art fairs but always stands out among the sea of art with its specialization in Japanese photography and filmography. It never shies away from sensitive or difficult topics, and is known to exhibit pre- and post-war Japanese photography collections.
Power Station of Art
Location: Shanghai
Redesigned from an old power station, this gallery aims to introduce world-class contemporary art to the people of mainland China. Power Station of Art opened with a bang in 2012 when it loaned over 100 pieces from Centre Pompidou for one of its first shows. This gallery is definitely worth a visit with the investment it is willing to put into acquiring great art.
Metro Pictures Gallery
Location: New York
Follow the journey of your favorite Metro Pictures artists with this gallery’s exhibits, featuring Cindy Sherman, Sherrie Levine and many more. Newer artists have also joined the gallery throughout the year to expand its repertoire.
Top 21-100
M97 Gallery
1839 Contemporary Gallery
Gering & Lopez
Space 1026
99°C Art Center
Barbara Gladstone
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
Elizabeth Dee
ShanghART Gallery
SCAI The Bathhouse
Modern Art
McCaffrey Fine Art
New Jerseyy
Elsa Art Gallery
Jack Hanley Gallery
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
Gallery Hyundai
Blum & Poe
Murray Guy
White Walls
Chi-Wen Gallery
Broadway 1602
Rockbund ART Museum
Cherry & Martin
Reena Spaulings
Mori Art Museum
KS Fine Art
Gallery Yeh
Joshua Liner Gallery
International Fine Art Objects Galleries
Eshther Schipper
White Columns
Alex Zachary
Sprüth Magers
The Third Line
Klughaus Gallery
Fortes Vilaca
Jan Mot
Known Gallery
Gisela Capitain
Misako & Rosen
Galerie Kamm
Franco Noero
Wako Works of Art
gb agency
Daniel Buchholz
Friedrich Petzel
Maureen Paley
Aki Gallery
Meyer Riegger
PKM Gallery
Ullens Contemporary Art Centre
Artside Gallery
Sadie Coles HQ
Mizuma Art Gallery
Peres Projects
Watari Museum
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That’s why our business model is different from other art publishers. Our goal is not to make profits from the book sales, but instead to reach the MAXIMUM distribution possible to ensure the maximum exposure for our featured artists. We supply our book to the world's leading galleries, fairs, private collectors and agencies to give you a kick start in your professional art career.

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However, we have nothing to do with that sort of behaviour. Our international book is well-known and has become an industry standard in quality. We also provide a full 60-day money back guarantee, backed by major credit card brands like Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Discover, JCB and American Express. No scammer will offer such a guarantee. We accept major credit cards, which provides protection to you as a buyer - and obviously major credit cards providers don't do deals with scammers, which is why scams usually use shady methods of money transfer like Western union or electronic currencies. You can also call us any time you have questions! Our rates are also very reasonable, we don't charge you thousands per page like other books and vanity publishers, our goal is to help you sell your artwork instead of squeezing money from you on boosted costs. We'll be glad to hear from you and get you featured in our next book!
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It's a great way to jump start and boost your career to that of a professional artist.
What styles do you accept?
We accept art in various styles from contemporary artists including paintings, mixed media, prints, illustrations, photography, digital art, sculpture, and installations.
Where will you distribute the books?

Our goal is not to make profits from sales of the book, but instead to reach MAXIMUM distribution possible to let our featured artists achieve maximum exposure.

Every year we send our book out to the world's leading galleries, fairs, art dealers, private collectors and agencies to give you a jump start in your professional art career. We take the process of selecting artists very seriously. Every artists passes intensive jury qualifications to ensure that only the best of the best are featured in our book.

The list of the galleries and agencies where we send the book is expanding every year. We donated over 12,611 books last year to leading art museums and galleries. Since releasing Volume 1, we have distributed over 45,000 books to galleries around the world - and over 1,750 books were donated to world-class collectors!

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Will I lose copyrights to my art works if I submit them for the book?
Of course not! By participating in this book the artists allow "Inspiration Art Book" to publish and reproduce their images, but they maintain the copyrights of their artwork. You can review all our terms and conditions here.
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We accept all Major credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately we don't accept paypal.

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Sure. You can order by 3 installments our Maximum Exposure packages". ($3999-$4999 price range) Click here to order with 3 easy payments of $1333
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Yes, if you know artists that could benefit from featuring in the book, help us spread the word, get amazing affiliate commissions and a chance to get your own free featuring if you make >3 sales. See all details on our affiliate page. You will find the banners, affiliate swipes and other things you might need. However please remember you can't refer yourself or your family members or abuse the promotions with spam etc.
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The following art professionals qualify for our free book copy:

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How do you mass print the book?

We value quality more than anything else. That's why we use the finest materials for our mass printing process

A family-owned printing house that is one of the best in our region provides both quality and professionalism when it comes to the printing and distribution of such a delicate book.

Everyone who has a chance to see the book in person is always amazed at the large format and museum-quality glossy print. The book stands out among all other art books and attracts the most attention.

Forty-five thousand books are distributed to galleries around the world. Thousands of books go to world-class collectors, galleries and art dealers to provide you with outstanding international exposure!

Which Art Shows do you participate in?

I am sure you know by now that the biggest art event of the year, Art EXPO New York, takes place every year in New York at Pier 94.

For 38 years and counting, Art Expo has been changing the way people buy and sell art. This annual juried expo brings the biggest publishers, galleries and collectors face to face with hundreds of established and emerging artists. In short, Art Expo is the world’s largest fine art marketplace.

The great news? We are excited to say that our Inspiration Art Book is an official media partner of the show! Yes, the very volume in which you are featured is promoted during the show! We decided to be an official media partner of the show and present the book and our featured artists for the world to see!

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