Here is a quick new video for you. I call it "WEIRD ART THAT SELLS? HOW TO GO VIRAL WITH YOUR ARTWORK."

You know that becoming unique in your art and vision is what makes your art brand stand out and sell well.

If you are one of a kind, buyers and collectors will line up to get your work.

Differentiate yourself from hundreds of other artists by creating your own unique style.

So, how do you go VIRAL? One way is to create some weird art.

What do I mean by "weird"? Weird in art is taking creative risks, being unique and different.

Art that brings up emotions is art that sells.

Think of the highly emotional story from your past that made you stand out and try to develop your vision and style.

If you are an emerging artist looking for recognition and initial exposure for your artwork, or if you are an experienced artist who is struggling to sell and make a living doing what you love (painting), here are some great ideas that might help you get to the next level.

What you need is great viral marketing. You need to stand out. Let's see some case studies on how others did it.

Watch the video to find out how others do it.

I often get this question: "George, how do I reach art buyers and collectors to make them buy my artwork?"

Here is my opinion and some tips on this topic in a short new video:
VIDEO 3. "How To Succeed and Sell Your Art Like A Pro? What are the most popular themes and media which sell art? + Special Hint"

As a popular saying goes " what you love and the money will follow".. Sounds nice and give you a nice feeling, and hope.. it is often used on those motivational seminars.. but does it really WORK? Lets find out in my new video on how you can succeed and start selling like a pro! I will also give you a special hint on how you can quickly sell a big amount of artwork locally.

Moreover I will share with you our new research! To help you succeed we did some research on popular subjects and trends.. So you wondering what are the most popular themes which sell art? Which subjects sell the most art? What media? Here is what our UK & USA research shows... Watch the video to find out top 10 best selling subjects and I hope you find it helpful!
Video 4: Little Known “Hack” to Boost Your Art Sales internationally

You know guys, last week while I was stuck for hours on the plane from New york to London, I decided to check the good old newspaper.. there was a big art related article that instantly grabbed my attention.

There seemed to be just a boring report from some sort of art survey but something did not feel right to me. Let me show you my exciting findings as they might literary change your life and show you the reasons why you might be struggling in sales or even if you are selling well how you can easily boost your art sales and expand your reach by thousand miles. So keep watching and take some notes, I have prepared really good stuff here and even action steps that you might use and apply in your art business!
Video 5: How to get your own art promo video?

You know guys, it's no secret that the world is going digital. Obviously, the more exposure you get, the better for your sales… and video is one of the best ways to do it!

Let me ask you this? Are you an emerging artist looking to jump start your career or well established artist looking to boost your art sales and gain bigger international exposure? If so, then you will love what I have prepared for you!

In addition to the great "inspiration art book" that we are publishing every year, we have decided to introduce a new service called "Promotional Art Video". This is an amazing slideshow with professional narration showcasing your artwork at its best. This is a great way to spread the word about yourself on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram! Usually you would be charged thousands to get such video done but this week we are offering it at a low introductory price that every artist can afford.
CASE STUDY: 17 Secret Ways To Sell Your Art?

In this short but very important video one of our successful artists are sharing her tips and strategies on the little known but very effective ways to sell your artwork.

What WORKS? What DOES NOT work? How to increase your art sales? What sites and tools to use? A lot of golden nuggets are hidden in this amazing video, enjoy and take notes!
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  • Participation in the featured artists contest
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  • Featuring in our premium online gallery + Interview
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why there is a fee to be featured in the book?

Our business model is different from other art publishers. Our goal is not to make profits from the book sales, but instead to reach the MAXIMUM distribution possible to ensure the maximum exposure for our featured artists. We supply our book to the world's leading galleries, fairs, private collectors and agencies to give you a kick start in your professional art career.

We take the process of selecting artists very seriously. Every artist must pass serious jury qualifications to ensure only best of the best are featured in our book.
Why don’t you accept artists for free?

Let me quickly explain. There are two types of publishers. The first type accepts everyone for free and these things generally happen:

  1. You get in for free then you have to pay for your copy of the book.
    Don't be naive! There is no free cheese, and if you got in for free then someone still needs to pay for the production of the book. Instead of distributing the book to collectors, buyers and galleries, the publisher will try to sell you YOUR OWN book after it prints it. This sounds like a vanity fair and it does not end up giving you any promotion or exposure for your artwork!

  2. The quality of the book suffers.
    Since the publisher gets no funds upfront, no serious investment can be made in the book production. Such free books usually look like a cheap journal at best. Our Inspiration Book is of a quality that costs a lot of money to print. You just can’t print a high-quality book for the price of a journal.

  3. The quality of artwork in the book suffers.
    When people get in for free, they don’t take the endeavour as seriously: that's just the reality of life. Free books end up with a lot of poor quality artwork. They’re not juried, and recognized artists are not keen to participate in such a cheap publication. That leaves you competing only with amateurs.

The bottom line is: such "free" books are not distributed to the collectors and galleries, but post-sold to the artists themselves and their families. Instead of promoting your artwork, the ‘free’ publisher will be saying to you, “Why not buy 10 copies yourself?” They can’t distribute the book for free, because sending to hundreds and thousands of collectors and buyers has real costs – just think about shipping and handling charges!

That’s why our business model is different from other art publishers. Our goal is not to make profits from the book sales, but instead to reach the MAXIMUM distribution possible to ensure the maximum exposure for our featured artists. We supply our book to the world's leading galleries, fairs, private collectors and agencies to give you a kick start in your professional art career.

We take the process of selecting artists very seriously. Every artist must pass serious jury qualifications to ensure only best of the best are featured in our book. Moreover, we won’t be selling your own book to you after publishing. Each artist gets their very own free copy of the Inspiration Art book!

So to answer your question: you are not paying to be featured so much as investing in your art brand, paying for promotion, and getting maximum exposure for your artwork.

However, if you are a beginner artist struggling to get started who wants to be in the book but can’t afford it, please contact us and explain your situation. We’ll do our best to find a great deal with a big discount for you!
What are the benefits for me to be in the book?
  1. Get your artwork to buyers and collectors
    We accept only artists who plan to SELL their work internationally and make serious money with it.
  2. Become a world-recognized name
    Adding a serious book in your portfolio raises your profile in the eyes of collectors and potential buyers. Over 3,500 artists can't be wrong.
  3. Your ticket to the inner circle
    Having started as self-made artists without rich sponsors to back us, we know how hard it is for small artists to get their work out there. All those expensive galleries, art shows, shipping and travel costs make it almost impossible for a little talented artist to get the word out. Our book gets your artwork in front of the right people.
  4. Being featured in our international art book is a professional and prestigious way to present yourself to art galleries, collectors, and agencies. The fact that you passed a serious panel selection alone rises you in the eyes of others when considering your work.
  5. Increase the commercial value of your work. It's obvious that the more exposure you have, the higher the value of your work. Being featured among other top artists raises your value significantly. Moreover, it provides gallery owners and agencies an easier way to present and sell your work at a higher price.
How much is it to get featured in the next volume?
Here are the packages we offer for featuring, pleasecheck here
Can I pay extra to pass qualification?
No, we take our decision process very seriously, and you can not pay extra to bypass it.
How do I submit my artwork?

You will be able to submit your artwork right after your purchase is complete. If your artwork is not yet ready to be submitted, no problem - just book your slot to avoid missing it and submit your artwork later.

Submit your art work in digital format. Simply photograph your work in 300dpi or more and submit the photographs to the manager. No physical shipping is required. Remember, our mission is to help you SELL your art - so make sure each painting you submit is ready for sale and includes the name, description, dimensions, style, medium and most importantly, PRICE!

Format: Send us 4-6 images of your artworks (JPEG in high resolution 300dpi: 17 cms or 6.6" at the longest side).
What happens if I fail to pass the qualification judges?
We will offer you two options: a) to submit your artwork for the next year volume book with top priority or b) we'll refund your application fee.
Who are the judges and can I reach them?
For obvious reasons, the judges' names are kept private and you cannot directly reach them. This protects against artists deliberately or accidentally influencing judges' decisions.
How long does the judgment process take?
Our judges meet once a week for consideration of all works submitted during the previous week.
Will I get a personal copy of this book?
Sure! In each package there is at least 1 free copy of the book included. We also include international shipping for you as a courtesy (except jump-start discounted package)! I know how frustrating it can be when other book publishers say, "Here is your free copy; just pay an extra $119 USD for shipping and handling!" We never do such things.
When exactly the book is printed?
We don't give exact dates as it depends on many factors such as application process, approvals, printing delays and international shipping times. A lot of delays come from artists submitting their work late or in poor quality, so we have to wait for them to re-submit. Please bear with us and check our newsletter for the progress of the preparation of the next volume! Historically, we've released 1 volume per year in the first quarter of each year!
What is the format of the book and the quality of print?

Our main mass print format of the book 288mm x 405mm (11.6 inches x 16.3 inches). We are using museum quality gloss print with a hard cover. The weight of the book is around 7 pounds per copy. (3 Kg) You can also see our book "in action" in the middle of the main salesvideo on top of our page. It shows artists opening the book and showcasing the pages quality.

The Amazon and Blurb "print on demand" versions are little bit smaller, 8 x 10 inches.
Where can I get your previous books?

In case you missed the previous volume, you can still get it on Amazon or other online services where available.

Amazon version of the book
Please note that by Amazon "print on demand" standards the size of the book was reduced to 8 x 10 inches.

Blurb version of the book:
Please note that by Blurb "print on demand" standards the size of the book was reduced to 8 x 10 inches.

Promotional Free iPad and Ebook version

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. We include a full 60 day guarantee. If the judges rejected your application, you will be able to either apply for next year's submission without extra cost or get a full refund!
Can I order by Paypal?
Yes, after several requests we have added paypal support. Please choose your package type and send send the payment directly to official paypalsupport@inspirationartbook.comYou cancheck the packages herethen contact us to set your account up!
I've been scammed before. Is this a scam too?

We understand your concerns. We have been scammed before too; there are a lot of art groups out there with bad ethics, accepting money and not delivering on their promises.

However, we have nothing to do with that sort of behaviour. Our international book is well-known and has become an industry standard in quality. We also provide a full 60-day money back guarantee, backed by major credit card brands like Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Discover, JCB and American Express. No scammer will offer such a guarantee. We accept major credit cards, which provides protection to you as a buyer - and obviously major credit cards providers don't do deals with scammers, which is why scams usually use shady methods of money transfer like Western union or electronic currencies. You can also call us any time you have questions! Our rates are also very reasonable, we don't charge you thousands per page like other books and vanity publishers, our goal is to help you sell your artwork instead of squeezing money from you on boosted costs. We'll be glad to hear from you and get you featured in our next book!
Will my art website and all my contact information be included on my page in the book?
Yes of course your contacts and website will be included, the whole purpose of the book is to help you get massive international exposure for your artwork and get contacts to art buyers, collectors and galleries.
Will you sell my work? Will I have to pay you commissions from sales?

No, you don't have to pay us any commissions from sales. Your application fee covers all our expenses, so you will keep 100% of what you make from your sales. The purpose of the book is simply to promote your artwork. The book does not sell the art directly; instead it opens the doors for you to galleries and private collectors and sigificantly raises the value of your artwork. It gives you the exposure you need and provides the means for agencies and collectors reach you direcly to buy your works!

It's a great way to jump start and boost your career to that of a professional artist.
What styles do you accept?
We accept art in various styles from contemporary artists including paintings, mixed media, prints, illustrations, photography, digital art, sculpture, and installations.
Where will you distribute the books?

Our goal is not to make profits from sales of the book, but instead to reach MAXIMUM distribution possible to let our featured artists achieve maximum exposure.

Every year we send our book out to the world's leading galleries, fairs, art dealers, private collectors and agencies to give you a jump start in your professional art career. We take the process of selecting artists very seriously. Every artists passes intensive jury qualifications to ensure that only the best of the best are featured in our book.

The list of the galleries and agencies where we send the book is expanding every year. We donated over 12,611 books last year to leading art museums and galleries. Since releasing Volume 1, we have distributed over 45,000 books to galleries around the world - and over 1,750 books were donated to world-class collectors!

This is one of the best exposures you can get, cost-wise!
Will I lose copyrights to my art works if I submit them for the book?
Of course not! By participating in this book the artists allow "Inspiration Art Book" to publish and reproduce their images, but they maintain the copyrights of their artwork. You can review all our terms and conditionshere.
Can I order by Bitcoin?
Sure. During the order process simply choose Bitcoin as a payment method on the checkout form.
Can I order by Credit card or Paypal?

We accept all Major credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately we don't accept paypal.

All our orders are processed securely via a leading payment processor from UK.
Сan I order in installments?
Sure. You can order by 3 installments our Maximum Exposure packages". ($3999-$4999 price range)Click hereto order with 3 easy payments of $1333
Can I get free featuring by promoting the book to my artists friends as an affiliate?
Yes, if you know artists that could benefit from featuring in the book, help us spread the word, get amazing affiliate commissions and a chance to get your own free featuring if you make >3 sales. See all details on ouraffiliate page. You will find the banners, affiliate swipes and other things you might need. However please remember you can't refer yourself or your family members or abuse the promotions with spam etc.
Can I order using International bank Wire option?

Sure. International Wire option is available only for "Cost Effective Exposure" ($799-$999 price range) and "Maximum Exposure packages". ($3999-$4999 price range) Please make your choice and submit your details, we will prepare and send you invoice by email with the wire details:

SimplyClick hereand submit the bank wire form.
Who will receive a free copy of the book?

The following art professionals qualify for our free book copy:

  • Curators/Gallery Owners
  • Wholesale Art Buyers and Designers
  • Cultural Foundations
  • Art Collectors and art dealers
  • Museum and Gallery Curators
  • Exhibitions/Media partners
  • Artists that applied for the featuring in the next volume.

Free Priority Delivery to USA and UK!
Other Wordwide locations: Free book + $69 courier shipping and handling fee.
For everybody else: retail price of the book is 95 usd.
How do you mass print the book?

We value quality more than anything else. That's why we use the finest materials for our mass printing process

A family-owned printing house that is one of the best in our region provides both quality and professionalism when it comes to the printing and distribution of such a delicate book.

Everyone who has a chance to see the book in person is always amazed at the large format and museum-quality glossy print. The book stands out among all other art books and attracts the most attention.

Forty-five thousand books are distributed to galleries around the world. Thousands of books go to world-class collectors, galleries and art dealers to provide you with outstanding international exposure!

Which Art Shows do you participate in?

I am sure you know by now that the biggest art event of the year, Art EXPO New York, takes place every year in New York at Pier 94.

For 38 years and counting, Art Expo has been changing the way people buy and sell art. This annual juried expo brings the biggest publishers, galleries and collectors face to face with hundreds of established and emerging artists. In short, Art Expo is the world’s largest fine art marketplace.

The great news? We are excited to say that our Inspiration Art Book is an official media partner of the show! Yes, the very volume in which you are featured is promoted during the show! We decided to be an official media partner of the show and present the book and our featured artists for the world to see!

This year the New York Art Expo was a great success, with hundreds of established and emerging artists and galleries presenting and selling their artwork. Our booth was located in the publication area, where we had the opportunity to meet many great artists and showcase the new volume of our book! I'm very proud to say that it was well received and that the artists were impressed with the quality of the print and the selection of the artwork inside!

If you are still not featured in the book, I urge you to get on board, get featured, get noticed and start selling your artwork like a pro! It's an outstanding opportunity to gain international exposure!

We'll be glad to see you featured and to meet you during future art shows!

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+1 (503) 928-7875 (USA)
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International Wire option

International Wire option is available only for "Cost Effective Exposure" ($799-$999 price range) and "Maximum Exposure packages". ($3999-$4999 price range)

Please make your choice below and submit your details, we will prepare and send you invoice by email with the wire details:

Your full name for invoice:
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