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Promotions at "Art Expo" NY, the biggest art event in North America


I am sure you know by now that the biggest art event of the year, Art EXPO New York, takes place every year in New York at Pier 94.

For 38 years and counting, Art Expo has been changing the way people buy and sell art. This annual juried expo brings the biggest publishers, galleries and collectors face to face with hundreds of established and emerging artists. In short, Art Expo is the world’s largest fine art marketplace.

The great news? We are excited to say that our Inspiration Art Book is an official media partner of the show! Yes, the very volume in which you are featured is promoted during the show! We decided to be an official media partner of the show and present the book and our featured artists for the world to see!

This year the New York Art Expo was a great success, with hundreds of established and emerging artists and galleries presenting and selling their artwork. Our booth was located in the publication area, where we had the opportunity to meet many great artists and showcase the new volume of our book! I'm very proud to say that it was well received and that the artists were impressed with the quality of the print and the selection of the artwork inside!

If you are still not featured in the book, I urge you to get on board, get featured, get noticed and start selling your artwork like a pro! It's an outstanding opportunity to gain international exposure!

We'll be glad to see you featured and to meet you during future art shows!

Art Book Promotions at 'Vera International Fine Art Festival' - The biggest art event in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2004, the Public Foundation for Support of Culture and Development of Contemporary Art is responsible for the creation of the World Annual International Art Festival “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, one of the largest and most comprehensive international art events in the world. VERA World Fine Art Festival is an extension of this internationally recognised concept sharing the same complexity and vision. Over the several editions of the Festival the event attracted over 4500 galleries and artists from over 40 countries, received 2,000,000 visitors, awarded more than 200 artists and captured the attention of several hundred media.

Art Book Promotions at Miami Spectrum Art Show

It's been a great pleasure for our book to participate in Miami Spectrum art show this year! It is probably the biggest art event of the year, even bigger than NY expo! All top artists, gallery owners and private collectors are visiting it every year.

Spectrum is a juried, contemporary art show in the heart of Miami’s Arts & Entertainment District, featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. It’s where contemporary meets extraordinary. Join us for a 5-day fine art experience, featuring Art Labs, Art Talks, Meet the Artist sessions, music, entertainment, and other special events.

We have met many of our amazing artists visiting it.. We were located in VIP spot on the right of the main entrance to the show! It's amazing place to be because every single person coming to the show pass near our table.

So if you are still not featured in the book, I urge you to reserve a spot in the next volume before all the spots are gone and receive a massive international exposure for your artwork!

Inspiration Art Book at Tokyo International Art Fair

3RD INTERNATIONAL TOKYO ART FAIR took place at HIKARIE SHIBUYA in the heart of Tokyo, Japan!

We are delighted to inform you that Inspiration Art Book officially participated in the fair with the booth and had a great chance to meet the artists, art buyers and collectors from Asia.

The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, illustration and multi media artworks by award-winning and top emerging artists.

Giving Art Collectors and Art Enthusiast a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy art directly from the artist that has travelled all the way to Tokyo. A unique experience for both visitors and exhibitor, at the fabulous Hilarie Shibuya.

More than 150 exhibitors from over 40 countries were filling the prime located venue with an incredible display of art, with more pieces than ever before gathered under one roof for visitors to admire and to buy in the city’s largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art. You see guys, Asia is booming right now and will soon overcome USA markets in the art buying revenues, so if you are not willing to travel yourself, make sure to get featured in the next volume and receive a massive international exposure for your art work! Apply now and prepare to be amazed! See you inside!

Art Book International Galleries Promotions

Every year our Inspiration Art book gallery is traveling around the world to do a special exhibition devoted solely to the featured artists from the book! This is a great opportunity for our artists to showcase their artwork and connect to the art dealers, buyers and collectors directly. We do not take any commissions on sales, so you keep what you make!

If you are an emerging or mid-career artist looking for maximum exposure and a major international presence to help you reach buyers and collectors, I urge you to take part in our next volume!

Get on board for the next book volume before it's too late and get your art career a jump start with a massive international exposure! We help artists to SELL their artwork. Our goal is transparent - we want to help you get exposure in order to sell your work by connecting the artists with the buyers and collectors! Apply now and get featured while we still have several spots available!

Art Book Promotions at 'Vera International Fine Art Festival'

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